About Me

Hey hey hey. My name is India if you didn't know already and just in case you were wondering the 'j' in the middle of my initials stands form Jasmin. Yeah you probably weren't wondering that. Anyway I am an upcoming actor/presenter/model/blogger or something like that (hopefully). I am 13 which is such an un cool age but yanno i am dealing with it. I have always wanted to be something to do with performing since a very little age. Ive done singing, dancing, musical theatre, drama, tv and film, modelling and i am going to start blogging. Bare in mind i am new to this so i still need to get the hang of it. HAHAHAHA i just had a text from my friend saying 'lets have a poo' and i was like uhhhh, she then quickly replied 'omg autocorrect is soooo annoying i meant lets have a party.' HAHAH lol. okay that was cringe. Me saying that was cringe. okay i am going to stop. Back to my life; i come from the land of tfios benches i.e. Holland and speak fluent dutch. Plus i'm learning latin, spanish and french UMMM i don't know what to say to be honest with you. I love Yoghurt. My favourite colour is white. I have so much homework right now to get done. Basically i love Netflix, the sun, Travelling, Photography, Baking, Make up, Youtube, Sport, Fruit and more but thats for another time.